Results and Success Stories with Alyssa Cellini

Weight Loss works with Alyssa Cellini

“Over the short time I’ve been working with you, you have made me feel so empowered and encouraged me through the process. I am so grateful for the knowledge you have given me and I feel so comfortable with you (which is so refreshing!!)”
– L.M.
“I needed to take a minute away from tanning to let you know that my experience in Hawaii would not be what it has been so far without you. Working with you these past few months have truly been transformative and I know that my body and confidence would not be what it is without your constant support. I was complimented me in a bathing suit, called it an A+ and thought I looked amazing, I almost cried on the beach. In all honesty I know that this is not something I could have done on my own and could never thank you enough.”
– A.M.
“I weighed myself this morning and I am 12 pounds less than when I started seeing you. I am beyond happy and want to lose at least another 10. I have to admit that 99.9% of this loss is due to eating according to your plan because I have not changed much of anything else in my routine. Thanks so much and look forward to more progress.”
– M.L.
“You’re a magician! My dress fitting yesterday was amazing. I was so small in the dress the lady had to do the alterations again.”
– B.
“Making good progress…I am now almost 5% lower in body fat than I was last month. I am super excited. It’s like you are a magician!!!! Never thought it could be achieved so fast.”
– R.C.
“I woke up this morning super excited! I weighed in at a weight I haven’t seen in 7 years!! I’m so ready for my big day and feel amazing. Thanks for everything!!”
– B.S.
“Well, you’ve done it again. While I can’t realistically tell you my energy is growing as a result of our “plan,” I can tell you that you nailed it with my food recommendations. In the end, I am feeling better. I can tell I’m feeling stronger and obviously have more energy because I do more each day. I’m sure the new food choices are going to make a major difference. That’s a great thing.”
– A.M.
“I am feeling so much better- The first night I did what you suggested I slept like a baby and have continued to do so. Thank you- The gas as well as the bloating have subsided completely.”
– D.C.
“Things have been going well. Energy is very good and mentally I am sharper which amazes me! I am also sleeping better.”
– L.L.
“I am doing great with this plan, I don’t even want to cheat!! My most recent comments were from my mom who said she wants to eat whatever I am eating because I look amazing.”
– S.K.
“The scale is going down and my belly is getting flatter and flatter :)”
– L.S.
“I HAD to tell you. I feel great. Not tired at all. Thanks again for being awesome, or I’d still be tired.”
– J.O.
“I feel so much better. The morning mucus is gone I feel very calm and relaxed. I have more energy and I’m sleeping much better. The last 2 weeks I’ve been extremely busy at work and I’m able to keep up. I’ve lost a lot of weight and feel great.”
– D.P.
“Feeling FANTASTIC already! Hit all goals within 4 days. I’m feeling light and energetic with regular trips to the bathroom. Woke-up like a clock at 6 am with no alarm clock. It can only get better from now on.”
– S.
“I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you! First off whenever I leave our appointments I always feel so informed and you are one of the only health care practitioners I have met that actually really listens and gives tangible, feasible solutions to the issues I have had regarding my health. Also, those vitamins have helped SUBSTANTIALLY with my nausea. I have not been nauseous at all since starting.”
– K.W.
“Once upon a time there was a little girl who ate whatever her bad beasty yeasty friends told her. Then she met Alyssa; a cross between fairy and wizard…. Milestone: I slept through the night last night! The first time in idk how long…”
– S.O.
“Overall I’m feeling more energetic than before. People have actually started noticing that I’m losing weight and have started to tell me. So obviously something is working – thanks to you!”
– G.
“Your diagnosis was spot on – I am a new person!”
– K.M.
“I have been feeling much better. Less brain fog, no thumb twitching. Up until this week, I had been taking 1-2 ibuprofren most days due to discomfort. I think the supplements are making the difference. Mood is lighter too. Good all around.”
– C.F.
“Thanks for your insight about the headache issue. After just six days, headaches are 90% gone. I continue to have an early morning headache but it disappears before noon. I’m expecting that too, will disappear. This issue resolved will be a major blessing for me.”
– A.M.
“I thought rushing to the bathroom after dinner was normal, a sign of my age, an effect of menopause. I thought feeling bloated and like there were rocks in my stomach was just the way my digestive system worked. I thought feeling sleepy at 3:30 in the afternoon was a sign that I should probably retire soon. I thought I would die without pasta or a candy bar or wine. But your expertise and advice and care in figuring out what I should and should not eat has made me feel more energetic, more even tempered, more comfortable in my own (15 lbs less) body. I just can’t believe I thought everything was normal when this is what normal really feels like. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me thus far. Looking forward to the next phase.”
– J.M.
“The last time I did this course I finished in 6:25… So you guessed it… I PRd today!!! 6:08. You are en fuego in getting me ready to dominate.”
– J.N.
“You have changed my life! I have so much more confidence now, I love the way I look, and I feel true to myself. I can just BE instead of trying to be. Seeing the utter shock on people’s faces is priceless!! I used to hide and not want to attend social gatherings and dinners but now I’m always open to socializing . My skin is so much better. It’s become the norm to feel better so much so that I don’t remember how crappy I used to feel.”
– L.M.
“Thank you for all your help with my weight loss/maintenance, hormone balancing and digestion. I have been trying to lose a couple more pounds recently and went back to your food regime and feel amazing! I have so much more energy, my belly feels better and I am less bloated. The supplement protocol is also working well and my periods are becoming more frequent.”
– R.K.
“It’s been a good week… No, it’s been a GREAT week. I lost 5 pounds..but more than that – I FEEL thin! Now just a few more hours till hair and makeup… And then control my nerves in front of the cameras!!! Whose life is this?!”
– A.B.
“I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. As an adult I began exercising hard 5-6 days a week and practically starving myself & then binging weekly…. this was how i desperately kept my weight down over the years but NEVER getting off that last 10 lbs… I was even told by “another nutritionist” that this was it, the lowest my weight could get to “at my age”, I was around 40 years old then. Well, I’m 45 years old now and in the best shape of my life…thanks to Alyssa & her incredible knowledge & innate ability to understand each person’s “issues” and create a program that actually works for each individual… eating healthier AND much to my amazement in my case, MORE OFTEN!! a custom tailored plan that is easy to follow & filled with things I forbid myself of for years!!!! Alyssa’s tricks of the trade have changed my life & in 4 months I have not only “lost the last 10 pounds” but an extra 2 lbs on top of that… I feel better than I did at 25!”
– W.K.
“I am working on office projects today so instead of wearing scrubs like I always do, I wear suit pants and a blouse. Well, today I was twenty minutes late for work because after trying on 10 pairs of pants, I realized they are all waaayyyy too big for me now!! I had to dig out an old pair that I haven’t worn in years. As the zipper went up with ease, I was doing a happy dance in my living room and singing your praises. Yea!! Thank you again for always helping me reach my goals!! You are the best!!!”
– S.F.

Athletes working with Alyssa Cellini

“That pre-workout combination you gave me? SUPERMAN!!!! Holy crap! I was like the Terminator! Wow.”
– J.N.
“Marathon was awesome! PR for me and my digestive system was perfect. Yay!”
– S.E.
“Your like a mad science bio chemist. The new program is working out nicely. Had a great 20 mile run yesterday and the workouts during the week were solid also. Loving this new plan.”
– A.R.
“As you know my goal was <13 hrs for IM. I did it! I PR’d 12:18!!! Woohoo!!!!! Thank you so much for a PERFECT loading week. Energy was good to go, as we expected! You are amazing. Thank you!”
– J.N.
“PR’d the Lake Placid course baby! FINALLY. I was so happy with my performance and my day. No mechanical issues, and no health issues. The pre-race loading plan was on point! Helped immensely. Thank you so much for your help. What a day!”
– J.N.
“Guess what? I did my fastest half marathon ever! Yay! And I felt super strong 🙂 I attribute it to my nutrition plan. Thank you!”
– L.B.
“I totally stuck to my nutrition plan and had a PR by 10 minutes!!!!”
– B.F.
“Once again your system works- did a 3:30:14 — the rain was a bit of a killer- but felt great through the whole race and zero cramping !!! YOUR madness works 🙂 — feeling great this morning and not too sore.”
– A.R.
“Yes, I got just under my goal time. It was amazing. I am sure your nutritional advice for this week played a factor in that. Thank you for all you have done for me. I look at nutrition in a completely different way now. I have gotten a lot faster these past few months, and a lot has to do with the fact that I am almost 40 lbs lighter. Also, I did it the right way.”
– T.A.
“There are no words for how well this worked! I had the best long run that I think I have ever had. It was 20.35 miles and I definitely felt good throughout, ran my best pace yet and would have had no problem if I had to go longer. I did ALL of the things you suggested and I’m telling you it was really good.”
– B.F.
“Thanks so much for this. I came in 2 lbs under for weigh in. I hit 245 – 130 – 320. Personal record on my deadlift. Next goal is definitely the lower weight class!”
– T.S.